flat lay of the back sides of an ombre merlot, blush, and mauve colored bridal suite featuring a 3 piece invite



PEARL PAPER: Twist this in the light to see a subtle shimmer as it catches the rays. Our no. 1 choice by brides!

Find your favorite collection, purchase your item and we’ll do the work for you! That’s right, you don’t have to mess with fitting text and images. We got you boo! Plus, we can change background & font colors to match YOUR wedding! We also are set a part by the fact that your wording can be changed to how YOU want it!

After your order, we’ll follow up within one business day with a form to fill out your text and upload a photo (if applicable to the design you picked). After we receive your filled out form, we’ll email you a proof within 2-3 business days.

Up to two email rounds of changes are allowed. Each change is made within 2-3 business days. After approval, we’ll submit your design to press! Allow 3-4 business days to print and 4-5 business days to ship, typically. (Sometimes pearl paper items take an extra day).

– Please note that I have no control over the printing company or shipping’s turn-around times. In cases of sicknesses, understaffing etc. your items may take longer but this is very rare. Perforating or folding may take slightly longer.

We are different than other semi-custom retailers like Shutterfly or Minted.

You may:

  1. Change text colors
  2. Change background colors. Make sure to note it when ordering. 
  3. Request a QR code- we can generate and place one for free for you! 
  4. Change the language. We have orders from ALL over the U.S. with different languages. Need it in Spanish, absolutely just provide translations. Indian wedding? We have done several!
  5. Change up the wording. We know one size does not fit all and we can change the text however you need in most cases. For example, you may order a 1-piece invite and request it to be a rehearsal invite. Or you may purchase a 2-piece suite and request the RSVP to be online only. Or you may order a 3-piece suite and request one card to be for a gift opening the next day.

You may not:

  1. Change floral or greenery tones. This requires much more time and can only be done for an additional fee.
  2. Change fonts. Each collection is designed around it’s fonts and aesthetics. Changing fonts is more elaborate than most realize and often requires a lot of reformatting. There are also thousands of fonts. Picking new ones requires quite a bit of back and forth that is not covered in our pricing.

While we understand some may need more recommendations/ advice, we do not offer phone consults for free. Aside from my printing partners, I am a one-woman show working with up to a 100 clients a month and a very tight schedule. Our stationery is also some of the lowest priced in the industry. Therefore, I budget for my time and bill for consults. You are welcome to email me any questions and if I feel that you need more planning and one-on-one advice I may in some cases recommend one.

If you’d benefit from a one-on-one consult to go over any questions you may have, we absolutely can schedule one. Consults are $30 for 30 minutes and include a mini sample pack. You’ll receive the sample pack prior to our zoom meeting! Together we’ll view samples, color ideas, go over wording, gather your text and answer any questions you might have! We are located in Nebraska, CST. To request a consult please message us to schedule and purchase one.

At this time I have paired down my business to afford more time with my family. This means I will no longer offer custom stationery packages. My ultimate priority will always be my little girls and hubby, and while I appreciate the demand, I cannot accommodate or accept custom design package requests at this time and appreciate your understanding!

Please review our FAQ on what’s included in semi-custom designs. What you’re wanting me be do-able with a semi-custom suite.

– A printed sample is an example of one of our collections printed with example text on it. You can order a sample pack here and request a sample/s of a specific collection.

–  A printed proof is a printed example of your purchase before we place the final print order of all of your cards. We do not typically do these unless requested. You will get a digital proof of your stationery before it’s sent off to press. Physical proofs of your invites before ordering are available but they are costly and only recommended for particular darker colors.

In order for you to receive a proof, we must package and submit your files to press, the printing company must stop its large runs to set up and print a single item, and then they must be hand cut and shipped. Because of this, proofs are $20 for the main invite, and then $10ea for a details and/or rsvp card proof. Printed proofs with your design and your information are only available once you’ve purchased your stationery. We will not take the time to input your information and images and print a proof without an actual stationery purchase of 50 or more first. The proof price above does not even cover our cost to print the sample.

  • It is your responsibility to request a proof if you’d like one as they are not part of our normal process. If you receive your stationery and do not love the color you’ve chosen, we are not liable or responsible for a re-print.
  • On certain darker jewel tone backgrounds we may recommend you order a proof, but you are absolutely not require too and in most cases clients are ok without one.
  • If color matching if very important to you, we strongly advise you request a proof of the card(s) you’d like to see. Colors different on all screens and will differ even more so when printed on your final pieces. We are not responsible for color variations.

We do not run sales so that you can be guaranteed that you’re ALWAYS getting our best price. No more waiting and hoping like our competitors on Shutterfly and Minted do. Our pricing is some of the best in the nation, hence why we just stick to keeping consistently affordable prices versus confusing promos. On occasion we’ll offer coupons at wedding fairs or from other sources.

Items come scored, and packaged flat. This is optimal for shipping. All you have to do is grab your scored piece and fold!

Vellum wraps come cut down to 7×11 and are shipped flat (no scoring) so that you can fold them over your invite pieces yourself. This helps ensure the snuggest fit depending on the amount of pieces making up your invitation suite.

Due to the custom nature of wedding stationery, refunds are not allowed. Furthermore, colors vary from screen to screen and even more in your final printed pieces. Some papers also print warmer (such as watercolor) so there are factors to keep in mind. 

Spelling, informational, or grammatical errors are also not covered for refunds. We want you to love your final pieces so we ask that you triple check your proofs before you submit your approval.

We know that sometimes things happen and a reprint may be requested. In these cases, reprints will be done at 50% of the original price. 

If your overall pieces are damaged, printed incorrectly, or have printing errors please let us know as they will most likely be eligible for a free reprint by our printing companies.

We’ve made a handy little quiz here to find out what size you’ll need!