flat lay of the back sides of an ombre merlot, blush, and mauve colored bridal suite featuring a 3 piece invite



PEARL PAPER: Twist this in the light to see a subtle shimmer as it catches the rays. Our no. 1 choice by brides!

  1. Step 1.) After we receive BOTH your deposit/ full payment AND your filled out questionnaire with text and images we will provide an initial proof.
    – Semi-Custom Designs take 1-2 business days | Custom designs take 5-7 business days.
  2. We’ll make any necessary changes and get your final approval.
    – Semi-Custom are allowed two rounds of changes with unlimited grammatical/ typo corrections.
    – Custom designs are allowed five rounds of changes with unlimited grammatical/ typo corrections.
  3. After approval, we’ll submit to our printing companies within 1 business day.
    – Printing typically takes 2-5 business days. Shipping takes 5-7 business days.
    – Please note that I have no control over the printing company or shipping’s turn-around times. In cases of sicknesses, understaffing etc. your items may take longer but this is very rare. Perforating or folding may take slightly longer.
– Samples are included with CUSTOM Design consultations if you choose to book one. If not, you may also purchase a custom sample package for $5.00. We’ll pick out items on mutiple samples of paper that fit your theme and colors.
– All of our proofs are digital. Physical proof are available but they are costly. In order for you to receive a proof, the printing company must stop its large runs to set up and print a single item. Because of this, proofs are $20 plus shipping. It will not include fold or scoring lines.
– Yes! We are located in Norfolk, Nebraska. Call us to set up an consultation. We charge a $30 deposit fee for consults which will get applied to your final CUSTOM design order.
– Not local? No worries, most of our clients are from all of the nation. Schedule a consult and we’ll mail you a custom sample pack prior to our zoom meeting! Together we’ll view samples, color ideas, go over wording, gather your text and answer any questions you might have!

Occasionally at bridal shows we’ll offer coupons, and in a rare event we’ll run sales. Our pricing is some of the best in the nation, hence why we just stick to keeping consistently affordable prices versus promos, etc

Yes and no. All text changes, text color changes and some minor re-arranging is included. We may also be able to change the background color on simple designs. Changing florals, colors, or fonts is charged extra by the hour at our $35 hourly rate. Just ask and we’ll get you a quote!

Items come scored, and packaged flat. This is optimal for shipping. All you have to do is grab your scored piece and fold!
– We recommend running to a craft store and buying glitter paper, a paper trimmer, and heavy duty glue dot runner.
– Maybe a bottle of wine too. Then have a netflix and chill party – wedding style!

We do not. We have niched down our specialty but are happy to refer you to experts who offer these items!

We do not. Kati and I both have little ones at home and value our time with them on the weekends. If you’re absolutely unable to meet any other time, let us know and we may be able to accommodate you. Otherwise, we’re open Mon-Fri 9-5 unless we’re in a consult. Please allow us up to 24 hours to respond.



Two-Sided Semi Custom Suite
150 5×7 Invites – $343
150 4×6 RSVPS – $214
Printed Backs – $97
Envelopes Included – $0
Premium Paper – $110
Shipping – $8

Grand Total $772

(Prices based 10/1/2021)


Two-sided Semi Custom Suite
150 6×8 Invites – $388
150 3×5 RSVPS – $209
Envelopes Included – $0
Premium Paper – $90
Shipping – $22

Grand Total $709

(Prices based 10/1/2021)


Two-sided Semi Custom Suite
150 5×7 Invites and
150 4×6 RSVPS (Self Mailers!)  – $325
FREE Envelopes – $0
FREE Premium Papers – $0
FREE Shipping $0

Grand Total $325.00!
OR get a Custom Design for $475.00!