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Our Favorite Wax Sticks: Seal it with Style Without Breaking the Bank!

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Leah Fowler


The highest priced product doesn’t mean it’s the only great quality wax.

So you want to seal your invites or envelopes with wax seals. We get it, it’s a HUGE trend right now! If you’re into adding a touch of vintage charm and elegance to your letters and invites, then you know wax seals are where it’s at! But hold up, who said creating stunning wax seals meant you had to spend an arm and a leg? Allow me to introduce you to the fabulous Uniqooo Wax – our secret weapon for seal-making brilliance without burning a hole in your pocket!

Favorite Blush Pink Wax Seal Shade: “Dusty Rose”
Our Favorite Sage Green Wax Shade: “Olive Green”
This fabulous “Dusty Blue” wax seal stick shade nails it!

These folks are the latest rockstars of the wax seal world! They’ve mastered the art of creating top-notch wax seal products that make us swoon. While we love other competitor’s wax like Artisaire, Uniqooo brings a great balance of smooth sealing wax at a great price. We tested Uniqooo against the top standing wax distributors and theirs holds up to the test. Smooth even pours, and a solid opaque color!

Why Uniqooo Wax Rocks our World:

1. Unbelievably Good Quality:

You might think, “It’s? How exciting can that be?” But let me tell you, Uniqooo’s wax melts like a dream and gives you a flawless, smooth impression every time. No clumpy, messy disasters here!

2. So Easy, Even Your Cat Could Do It:

Okay, maybe not your cat, but you get the idea! Uniqooo White Wax is super user-friendly. Whether you’re a pro at this or a total newbie, this wax plays nice and won’t give you a hard time. Melt, pour, stamp – easy-peasy!

3. Versatility Rules:

With tons of shades to choose from, there is a wax seal shade guaranteed to compliment your wedding invitations or vellum wraps.

4. Get the most bang for your pack:

We love how far a pack of these sticks go. Generally in an 8-stick pack we can make approximately 100 seals! That’s amazing compared to the smaller and pricier sticks other places like Artisaire sell.

White Wax Seals with Gold Flakes and Dried Flowers
White Wax Seals with Gold Flakes and Dried Flowers
Dusty Blue Toile Flower Vellum Wrap with Gold and White Gilded Bee Wax Seal
Dusty Blue Toile Flower Vellum Wrap with Gold and White Gilded Bee Wax Seal

There you have it, folks! Uniqooo Wax is the bee’s knees (get it… from our ever-popular gilded bee wax seals?… ok, ok). You’ll be creating Instagram-worthy seals that’ll have your friends asking, “Where’d you get those?!”

So, if you’re ready to add a touch of old-school charm to your wedding stationery, grab yourself some Uniqooo Wax. It’s smooth, it pours like a dream, and it’s oh-so-affordable. Get your seal on and let your creativity flow – it’s time to make some wax magic! 💌✨

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